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1. Don’t build your base right next to another tribe’s base, without permission from the tribe first there. Use of common sense is allowed and highly suggested, note the possible expansion of bases!

2. Common routes (rivers running through the map, passes, paths, etc.) and beaches are not to be blocked with gates, fences or other constructions!

3. Building forges in the immediate vicinity of metal deposits is forbidden. Server uses a command that prevents building near larger metal deposits. Command can be though circumvented with some trickery, but the buildings will vanish after a server reset. Admins are not liable in such cases.

4. PvECarry will be disabled temporarily if it’s used for dicking around.

5. Leaving dinos inside or in the immediate vicinity of caves is forbidden. 04.08.2017 the possibility to build in caves was taken away.

6. Bullying/dicking around/other forms of breaking the server rules will, in the worst case, lead to a permanent ban from the server.

7. Remember your manners in chat and when deciding a name for your tribe.

8. Building near drops is disabled in the server, but blocking the access to them is forbidden. Stealing drops is also forbidden.

9. Items lost caused by an in-game bug (or mods) will not be refunded by admins. Items lost because of server crash or premature update will be returned.

10. Taming pens and buildings must be removed after use. If an admin finds an empty taming pen/building, they have the authority to remove ALL of the tribe’s buildings.

11. Animals are not allowed to be left wandering, or on aggressive outside the base. Claimed animals are also to be taken to base.

12. This rule is valid until we have tested this! Don't throw Wyvern Eggs to ground! It is possible that they're not gonna disappear and the nest remains, which means no new eggs. If someone has/will tes this before admins (on this server!), tell us what the result was!

By playing on the server, you accept these rules and to obey the administrators.
Disputes on the server are settled on a case by case basis.

Said in game

Here are the most common requests and wishes from players. These are not official rules, but more like things the players have grown used to and wish new players to abide by.